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Cactus e Dintorni

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English version by Massimiliano Marconi, thanks

Welcome to CACTUS E DINTORNI, the site for those keen on Succulents with over 2,500 photos, helpful tips and illustrated plant database files, about cacti and succulents. To explore the site, we recommend that you use the menu or follow the links to the thematic areas listed below. If you are looking for something specific, use our  internal search engine (beta) or the site map. Enjoy your surfing!




Getting to know them

Succulents general information - Succulents most common
The life of plants and their secrets
Photo galleries identifying plants using photos
Ordinary succulents give a name to 300 plants among the most current.
Cactaceous forms how to recognize them
How to photograph them succulents and photography
In-depth articles section open to the contributions of visitors
Mesembryanthemums "all about the "Gems of the Veld"
Glossary a guide to technical and botanical terminology
Review of cactus books titles to suit everyone's taste and needs
CD-DVD-eBook to dispel all doubts about succulents with our works


How and where they live

all you need to know

Habitats of succulents
Distribution of cactus


How to preserve them

let’s protect the environment and its biodiversity

International organizations C.I.T.E.S. - I.O.S. - I.S.I.
Code of conduct


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How to grow them

Cultivation guide techniques, advice and cultivation tips
Cultivation notes cacti based on personal experiences
Cactaceous genera 99 individual plant files, one for each genus, covering 300 species
Subfamilies the cactus classification of the I.C.S.G.
Epiphytic cacti how to grow, propagate and bring them to flower
non cacti  34 families and 150 genera
Winter minimums ideal temperatures in a conservatory
The greenhouse how to build it on your own
Seed raising and the propagator for successful sowing
F. A. Q. frequently asked questions


Our publications

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