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1. agavaceae-nolinaceae
(Phocagallery / agavaceae-nolinaceae)
Habitat: tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, particularly Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia; the Mediterranean. Description: a family ...
2. aizoaceae
(Phocagallery / aizoaceae)
Habitat: mainly South Africa although they also occur in Madagascar, Horn of Africa, Arabian peninsula, Island of Elba, Australia and New Zealand. Description:  the Aizoaceae (Rudolphi) family of ...
3. aporocactus
(Phocagallery / aporocactus)
Habitat: Mexico. Description: this epiphytic genus is commonly referred to as ‘rat’s tail cactus’ because of the long, slender stems of the plants. They produce purplish red flowers ...
4. ariocarpus
(Phocagallery / ariocarpus)
Habitat: Texas, New Mexico, Northern Mexico. Description: they have a short stem with hard, large tubercles and a fleshy taproot. The white, pink or purple flowers arise from the centre. They are adapted ...
5. asclepiadaceae
(Phocagallery / asclepiadaceae)
Tribes: PERIPLOCEAE, CYNANCHEAE, MARSDENIEA, CEROPEGIEAE, STAPELIEAE. Habitat: they occur in a wide range of climates, from temperate to subtropical or tropical regions and even deserts; semi-arid regions ...
6. asphodelaceae-hyacinthaceae
(Phocagallery / asphodelaceae-hyacinthaceae)
Habitat: South Africa, Madagascar, Malawi, Australia, America, Arabian Peninsula, Socotra. Description: a family of monocotyledonous plants comprising about 500 species, mostly herbaceous perennials, ...
7. asteraceae (compositae)
(Phocagallery / asteraceae)
Habitat: the succulent species occur in South Africa, the Canary Islands, South Arabia, India, Madagascar. Description: the family includes dicotyledonous plants that may store water in the leaves, ...
8. astrophytum
(Phocagallery / astrophytum)
Habitat: Mexico, Texas. Description: cacti with globular but more often columnar stems which may have four to eight ribs (up to ten as the plants grow older) and be covered with a variable number of ...
9. caudiciforms
(Phocagallery / caudiciformi)
Habitat: Africa, Australia, Socotra, Central and South America, Mexico, Baja California, California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas. Description: this is ...
10. cephalocereus
(Phocagallery / cephalocereus)
Habitat: Central and South America, particularly Brazil. Description: a columnar ribbed cactus with spiny areoles bearing flowers near the top when the plant is mature, usually after several years. It ...
11. cereus
(Phocagallery / cereus)
Habitat: Central and South America, West Indies. Description: the genus is comprised of very tall, woolly, spiny cacti; they show a columnar habit and a tendency to develop lateral branches. Adult specimens ...
12. convolvulaceae
(Phocagallery / convolvulaceae)
Habitat: India, South Africa,Transvaal region, Namibia. Description: these woody or herbaceous plants often show a climbing habit and may contain latex. They generally have a large rhizome or caudex. ...
13. crassulaceae
(Phocagallery / crassulaceae)
Subfamilies: CRASSULOIDEAE, SEDOIDEAE, COTYLEDONOIDEAE, KALANCHOIDEAE, ECHEVERIOIDEAE, SEMPERVIVOIDEAE. According to some botanists only two of them are to be considered subfamilies:the Crassuloideae and ...
14. cutura
(Phocagallery / cutura)
Courtesy of Dr. Cezzi owner of the botanical garden "La Cutura"
15. echinocereus
(Phocagallery / echinocereus)
Habitat: Mexico, western United States. Description: the plants grouped in this genus occupy very different habitats: from sea level to elevations of approximately 3000 metres (9800 ft). Some show an ...
16. cactaceous flower forms
(Phocagallery / forme florali-cactaceae)
Presented here are the many different flower forms of cacti; we wish this may help you identify your plant genus and species.
17. succulent flower forms
(Phocagallery / forme-florali-succulente)
Presented here are the many different flower forms of succulents; we wish this may help you identify your plant genus and species.   VISIT THE FAMILIES OF SUCCULENTS
18. gavazzi
(Phocagallery / gavazzi)
Courtesy of Prof. Gavazzi.
19. geraniaceae
(Phocagallery / geraniaceae)
Habitat: nearly all the species are from South Africa. Description: a family of dicotyledonous, herbaceous plants. The leaves are normally opposite, palmate-veined, sometimes covered in soft hairs. ...
20. harrisia
(Phocagallery / harrisia)
Habitat: Cuba, Argentina, Jamaica, Florida. Description: sprawling or creeping night-flowering plants with large, long-tubed blooms in the summer, followed by scaly fruits. They are now within the genus ...
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