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1. ferocactus
(Phocagallery / ferocactus)
Habitat: deserts of Mexico and southwestern United States: Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico. Description: a genus of plants variable in size, with robust, often hooked and sometimes colourful spines. ...
2. welwitschiaceae
(Phocagallery / welwitschiaceae)
Habitat: foggy deserts of Angola and Namibia. Description: this creeping plant develops two long, ribbon-like leaves only; they tend to split with age since the tip becomes dry and dies while the leaf ...
3. Fitofarmaci
(Coltivazione/Le malattie)
... puntiforme in un gene particolare, perché si verifichi la perdita totale della funzione fungicida, per cui è indispensabile miscelarli sempre con un fungicida di contatto. - I fenilammidici svolgono ...
Saturday, 04 April 2009
4. Temperature Minime Invernali
(Coltivazione/Minime invernali)
... delle piante sia irrorata con una soluzione di un buon fungicida agente per contatto. La ripartizione, ordinata alfabeticamente, è stata fatta tenendo conto di quattro ambienti: A - Molto riscaldato ...
Thursday, 15 January 2009
5. Sowing
(Category - Español(Spanish Formal International))
The hopes, pleasures and disappointments of every aspiring succulent grower The following article is the summation of all the information patiently gathered from many enthusiasts’ personal experiences ...
6. The diseases
(Category - Español(Spanish Formal International))
AUTHOR’S DISCLAIMER The author of this website declines all responsibility for any damage resulting from use or misuse of the following information or from improper manipulation and application of the ...
7. Mesembs
(Category - Español(Spanish Formal International))
  MESEMBS  by Mario Cecarini Mesembryanthemums (Livingstone daisies), once classified in a family of their own (Mesembryanthemaceae), have now been assigned to the wider family of Aizoaceae ...
8. Astrophytum
(Category - Italian - Italy)
      by Mario Cecarini   ASTROPHYTUM Lemaire 1839   Historical notes    Astrophytums, whose name is derived from Greek ‘aster’ (star) and ...
9. Phytosanitary products
(Cultivation guide/The diseases - French (Fr))
They have been classified by the European Community into seven toxicity categories: T+ = very toxic; T = toxic;  Xn = harmful; Xi = irritant; F = highly flammable; O = oxidizing; N/C = not classified. ...
Saturday, 04 April 2009
10. F.A.Q.
('Uncategorised Content')
... to be extra careful remove some further centimeters above the last cut). Dust the wound with some fungicidal powder and allow the callous to form, placing the stem portion in a shady and ventilated spot. ...
Monday, 12 January 2009

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