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1. Sowing
... don't forget that "ut sementem feceris, ita metes“.19 -------------------notes--------------------- 1- Remember that a high humidity level while promoting germination also contributes ...
2. Cultural practices
... page. Succulent growers who haven’t got a greenhouse should move their plants indoors to an unheated place, like a garage, an attic, a stairwell, an indoor balcony or even a sufficiently lit basement. ...
3. acanthocalycium
(Phocagallery / acanthocalycium)
Habitat: Argentina. Description: a genus of globular or cylindrical cacti. The flowers have a scaly tube and are borne at the top. Soil: basic mix. Location: full sun and plenty of air circulation. ...
4. agavaceae-nolinaceae
(Phocagallery / agavaceae-nolinaceae)
Habitat: tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, particularly Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia; the Mediterranean. Description: a family ...
5. anacardiaceae
(Phocagallery / anacardiaceae)
Habitat: northern hemisphere across temperate regions as well as tropical and subtropical belts. Description: dicotyledonous shrubs or trees with a resinous bark. The flowers can be hermaphrodite or ...
6. ancistrocactus
(Phocagallery / ancistrocactus)
Habitat: Mexico, Texas. Description: globular, sometimes upright cylindrical, cacti with big areoles each of them bearing a central hooked spine; they may develop a taproot. The diurnal flowers are borne ...
7. apocynaceae
(Phocagallery / apocynaceae)
Habitat: those genera including succulents are distributed in the tropics, the Horn of Africa, Madagascar, Socotra, East and South-West Africa. Description: this large family of dicotyledonous plants ...
8. araliaceae
(Phocagallery / araliaceae)
Habitat: found across tropical areas of both hemispheres, concentrated mainly in Malaysia and tropical America. Description: a family of succulents, mostly climbing, some resembling lianas, with alternate ...
9. ariocarpus
(Phocagallery / ariocarpus)
Habitat: Texas, New Mexico, Northern Mexico. Description: they have a short stem with hard, large tubercles and a fleshy taproot. The white, pink or purple flowers arise from the centre. They are adapted ...
10. asclepiadaceae
(Phocagallery / asclepiadaceae)
Tribes: PERIPLOCEAE, CYNANCHEAE, MARSDENIEA, CEROPEGIEAE, STAPELIEAE. Habitat: they occur in a wide range of climates, from temperate to subtropical or tropical regions and even deserts; semi-arid regions ...
11. asphodelaceae-hyacinthaceae
(Phocagallery / asphodelaceae-hyacinthaceae)
Habitat: South Africa, Madagascar, Malawi, Australia, America, Arabian Peninsula, Socotra. Description: a family of monocotyledonous plants comprising about 500 species, mostly herbaceous perennials, ...
12. aztekium
(Phocagallery / aztekium)
Habitat: Northern and central Mexico. Description: a genus of dwarf globular cacti with 8 to 11 ribs, a tap root and green colour. They seldom produce offsets if not grafted. They are highly adapted ...
13. blossfeldia
(Phocagallery / blossfeldia)
Habitat: Northern Argentina, Bolivia. Description: a dwarf genus with short ribless stems, spiny tubercles, beetroot-like roots. Flowers are borne from April to September. In the wild they grow in fissures ...
14. borzicactus
(Phocagallery / borzicactus)
Habitat: mountains of Peru, Bolivia, Equador and Chile. Description: a very diverse genus of cacti, often with a shrub-like habit and upright or sprawling stems. Some plants grow in foggy deserts at ...
15. browningia
(Phocagallery / browningia)
Habitat: Peru. Description: columnar habit; some are more branched and tree-like in appearance. Soil: basic mix. Location: grow in full sun. Temperature: minimum temperature between 8 and 10°C ...
16. carnegiea
(Phocagallery / carnegiea)
Habitat: Arizona, southwestern California, State of Sonora (Mexico). Description: a genus of gigantic columnar cacti that may reach 15 metres (50 ft) in height. Very long-lived, they’re commonly ...
17. caudiciforms
(Phocagallery / caudiciformi)
Habitat: Africa, Australia, Socotra, Central and South America, Mexico, Baja California, California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas. Description: this is ...
18. cereus
(Phocagallery / cereus)
Habitat: Central and South America, West Indies. Description: the genus is comprised of very tall, woolly, spiny cacti; they show a columnar habit and a tendency to develop lateral branches. Adult specimens ...
19. cintia
(Phocagallery / cintia)
Habitat: Bolivia. Description: a dwarf genus of green, tap-rooted cacti with yellow flowers resembling those of Copiapoa. In the wild it grows at high altitudes with extreme diurnal temperature variations. ...
20. commelinaceae
(Phocagallery / commelinaceae)
Habitat: the Tropics. Description: a family of monocotyledonous plants with succulent leaves, many of which are sprawling or climbing. The flowers consist of three petals and three sepals and the fruits ...
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