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1. aizoaceae
(Phocagallery / aizoaceae)
Habitat: mainly South Africa although they also occur in Madagascar, Horn of Africa, Arabian peninsula, Island of Elba, Australia and New Zealand. Description:  the Aizoaceae (Rudolphi) family of ...
2. aporophyllum
(Phocagallery / aporophyllum)
Habitat: intergeneric hybrids. Description: a group of hybrids obtained by crossing Aporocactus with Epiphyllum. Soil: fertile mix with a  pH of 6. Location: a shady and well ventilated site; ...
3. arrojadoa
(Phocagallery / arrojadoa)
Habitat: Brazil. Description: a genus with upright stems, sometimes exhibiting a horizontal or oblique habit. Some may be cespitose, others such as A. rhodantha quite tall. The glossy green stems have ...
4. aztekium
(Phocagallery / aztekium)
Habitat: Northern and central Mexico. Description: a genus of dwarf globular cacti with 8 to 11 ribs, a tap root and green colour. They seldom produce offsets if not grafted. They are highly adapted ...
5. disocactus
(Phocagallery / disocactus)
Habitat: Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico. Description: a genus of epiphytic forest cacti, found especially in jungles, with flattened, crenate-margined stems, initially upright then drooping, and ...
6. dolichothele
(Phocagallery / dolichothele)
Habitat: Mexico e southern United States. Description: a group of globular cacti with soft, elongated tubercles. The flowers are yellow and quite large. They are now believed to be part of the genus ...
7. echinomastus
(Phocagallery / echinomastus)
Habitat: Mexico, United States. Description: a genus of globular or cylindrical cacti with felty areoles bearing numerous spines. The funnel-shaped flowers may be from purple to red or pink but they’re ...
8. epiphyllum
(Phocagallery / epiphyllum)
Habitat: mainly plants of garden origin. There are hundreds of hybrids obtained by crossing Epiphyllum with Selenicereus, Echinopsis and so on. Description: these plants, growing as epiphytes in the ...
9. hatiora
(Phocagallery / hatiora)
Habitat: Central and South America, with a higher concentration in the rainforests of Brazil. Description: the genus comprises some epiphytic species with drooping habit that flower in late winter. It ...
10. heliocereus
(Phocagallery / heliocereus)
Habitat: Guatemala, Mexico. Description: cacti with slender, branched, sometimes dentate stems, that may produce flexuous runners. They flower reliably once reached maturity. The funnel-shaped, large, ...
11. mammillaria
(Phocagallery / mammillaria)
Habitat: Mexico, south-west of the United States, South America, West Indies. Description: a genus of small, globular or cylindrical plants, from whose axils tiny, crown-shaped flowers arise; they may ...
12. opuntia
(Phocagallery / opuntia)
Habitat: the genus is widespread across America, from sea level to 3000 metres (9800 ft). Description: these plants are variable in size and develop braches with flat, cylindrical or globular ribless ...
13. pediocactus
(Phocagallery / pediocactus)
Habitat: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado. Description: a genus of small plants living at high elevations with a globular or subglobular shape. The tubercles are pronounced and ...
14. schlumbergera
(Phocagallery / schlumbergera)
Habitat: rainforests of Brazil. Description: epiphytic, non-parasitic, short day plants having flattened, jointed stems that tend to bifurcate. The commercially available plants are, for the most part, ...
15. Fitofarmaci
(Coltivazione/Le malattie)
... facente uso di una serie di tecniche diversificate quali l’igiene, la protezione fitosanitaria, il monitoraggio dell’ambiente, la lotta chimica ragionata ed altre ancora. Utile può risultare ...
Saturday, 04 April 2009
16. ITA Section 1
('Uncategorised Content')
... varietà di succulente. Utile per la identificazione. Non sono presenti note di coltivazione. PIANTE GRASSE R. Ginns; Edagricole; ...
Tuesday, 20 January 2009
17. Il germinatoio
(Coltivazione/Le semine)
... distribuzione del calore, è utile interporre fra lamiera e vassoio, alcuni listelli di legno dello spessore di uno, due centimetri, quali distanziatori.    Per rispettare le norme di sicurezza ...
Wednesday, 07 January 2009
18. F.A.Q.
('Uncategorised Content')
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Here beginners can find answers to their most frequently asked questions: 1 – Some of my succulents never set seed. Why is that so? 2 – How can I get my cacti to ...
Monday, 12 January 2009
19. Lithops
... una serra è molto utile a patto di dotarla di una buona ventilazione, collocando le piante vicino al tetto in modo che possano godere di buona illuminazione e calore. D'inverno una temperatura minima di ...
Wednesday, 07 January 2009
20. FRA Section 1
('Uncategorised Content')
... soigneusement décrits, bien que sans notes de culture. Assez utile au collectionneur pour l'identification des plantes.       ...
Tuesday, 20 January 2009
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