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Reviewed books
In this section are presented in total 88 books in English, French and Italian. The choice was made as representative of the view currently available literature. Some guides are suitable for those who came just for this hobby, or intends to do this later. Others are recommended for collectors, enthusiasts or specialists. Have not been neglected works and general books specifications, manuals and even suitable for the recognition of different species or the cultivation of cacti and other succulents that. The prices are to be considered indicative because they tend to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates and monetary source of purchase, are not always include shipping costs.
Below, you'll find addresses and links to some Italian and foreign dealers.

LICOSA library commission Sansoni spa
Via Duca di Calabria, 1 / 1 - 50125 Florence Italy
tel. 05564831, fax 055641257

Book of International Research ROBERTO RASTELLI
Via the road Sandalo, 5 - Lavinio 00420 Anzio (RM) - Italy

Library CYBER BOOK srl
Via F.lli Calvi 4A 24122 Bergamo (BG) Italy
tel / fax 035-311641
Site: / Cyber.htm

RAINBOW GARDENS Nursery & Bookshop
1444 E. Taylor Street - Vista, California 92084 U.S.A.
tel. (760) 7584290, fax (760) 9458934
Wide assortment.

Whitestone GARDENS ltd
Sutton. Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 2PZ England
tel. 44-1845-597467 Fax 44-1845-597035
Site: http://www.cactus-mall/whitestone/index.html
Wide assortment of new books, second hand and out of print.

Botanik-BYBLOS by Lucio Russo, via Ribolzi, 19 - 28831 Baveno (VB)
tel 338/6245794, fax 0323/922531
Books new and secondhand.

KUENTZ "Le Monde des Cactus", the librairie - 327 rue du Général Brosset 83600 Fréjus (France)
Tél: 04 94 51 48 66 Fax: 04 94 95 49 31. (For other countries: 00 33 4 94 51 48 66 e 00 33 4 94 95 49 31).
A good assortment, sales on-line.

BCSS Publications
Shop Online.

Dr Gutta Germany
Second-hand books.

Good set. Discount books, new and used, purchased on line.

Editor of books.
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Home Reviewed books

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