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1. agavaceae-nolinaceae
(Phocagallery / agavaceae-nolinaceae)
Habitat: tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, particularly Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia; the Mediterranean. Description: a family ...
2. aizoaceae
(Phocagallery / aizoaceae)
Habitat: mainly South Africa although they also occur in Madagascar, Horn of Africa, Arabian peninsula, Island of Elba, Australia and New Zealand. Description:  the Aizoaceae (Rudolphi) family of ...
3. apocynaceae
(Phocagallery / apocynaceae)
... semi-inferior and consists of two dehiscent follicles bearing flat seeds. Soil: basic mix. Location: grow in full sun. Temperature: the minimum should stay around 16°C (61°F). Water: abundant ...
4. aporocactus
(Phocagallery / aporocactus)
Habitat: Mexico. Description: this epiphytic genus is commonly referred to as ‘rat’s tail cactus’ because of the long, slender stems of the plants. They produce purplish red flowers ...
5. ariocarpus
(Phocagallery / ariocarpus)
... a semi-dormant state. Provide a good supply of water again in the autumn, then keep the soil dry from the beginning of November to the end of March. Cultivation tips: not among the easiest in cultivation, ...
6. asclepiadaceae
(Phocagallery / asclepiadaceae)
Tribes: PERIPLOCEAE, CYNANCHEAE, MARSDENIEA, CEROPEGIEAE, STAPELIEAE. Habitat: they occur in a wide range of climates, from temperate to subtropical or tropical regions and even deserts; semi-arid regions ...
7. blossfeldia
(Phocagallery / blossfeldia)
Habitat: Northern Argentina, Bolivia. Description: a dwarf genus with short ribless stems, spiny tubercles, beetroot-like roots. Flowers are borne from April to September. In the wild they grow in fissures ...
8. bombacaceae
(Phocagallery / bombacaceae)
Habitat: tropical sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, Asia, some islands across the Indian Ocean, Australia, America. Description: Dicotyledonous plants that grow into large trees with tender wood and often ...
9. bromeliaceae
(Phocagallery / bromeliaceae)
Habitat: subtropical and tropical America. Description: a family of monocotyledonous, mostly herbaceous plants; some genera are epiphytic. They have a short stem and leaves arranged in a rosette. The ...
10. crassulaceae
(Phocagallery / crassulaceae)
Subfamilies: CRASSULOIDEAE, SEDOIDEAE, COTYLEDONOIDEAE, KALANCHOIDEAE, ECHEVERIOIDEAE, SEMPERVIVOIDEAE. According to some botanists only two of them are to be considered subfamilies:the Crassuloideae and ...
11. cucurbitaceae
(Phocagallery / cucurbitaceae)
Habitat: Europe, America, South Africa. Description: a family of herbaceous plants or prostrate little shrubs, often climbing by means of tendrils. The stem and leaves are usually rough and covered ...
12. discocactus
(Phocagallery / discocactus)
Habitat: Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia. Description: a group of globular cacti with white, large, fragrant night-blooming flowers that wither the following day. Mature plants develop a cephalium which will ...
13. echinopsis
(Phocagallery / echinopsis)
Habitat: Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. Description: globular, cylindrical when older, half-hardy cacti with spiny ribs. Some grow in semi-desert regions sheltered by tufts of grasses, others ...
14. eriosyce
(Phocagallery / eriosyce)
Habitat: deserts of Peru and Chile. Description: these spherical cacti have approximately forty ribs with tough spines. Pink or purplish pink flowers appear once the plant has reached maturity, that ...
15. escobaria
(Phocagallery / escobaria)
Habitat: desert regions of southwestern Texas and southern New Mexico. Description: the genus comprises mainly globular cacti with a clumping habit, with vertically furrowed tubercles like Coryphantha. ...
16. euphorbiaceae
(Phocagallery / euphorbiaceae)
... There are approximately 300 genera and one thousand species, succulent or semi-succulent; they can be spiny and look like cacti but are distinguished by the lack of areoles. They come in various forms, ...
17. frailea
(Phocagallery / frailea)
Habitat: South America: southern Brazil, northern Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina; regions characterized by heavy, erratic downpours. Description: a group of small, spherical cacti, not exceeding 3-4 cm ...
18. geraniaceae
(Phocagallery / geraniaceae)
Habitat: nearly all the species are from South Africa. Description: a family of dicotyledonous, herbaceous plants. The leaves are normally opposite, palmate-veined, sometimes covered in soft hairs. ...
19. gesneriaceae
(Phocagallery / gesneriaceae)
Habitat: tropical and subtropical areas, particularly in the Caribbeans and other regions north of South America. Description: a family of dicotyledonous plants comprising one hundred genera or so; ...
20. islaya
(Phocagallery / islaya)
Habitat: foggy coastal deserts of Peru and Chile where it hardly ever rains and rocky areas up to 1000 metres (3300 ft). Description: a group of cacti with a green, solitary, spherical or cylindrical ...
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