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1. Cactaceous genera
... and so on. Each entry, ordered alphabetically, contains information about the place of origin along with a brief description of the genus and ends listing the main species; additional notes are provided ...
2. The habitats
... and hot tropical rainforests, steppes, savannahs, highlands and mountain ranges. A few species or genera, thanks to their vigour and adaptability, are able to colonize vast territories, as is the case ...
3. Sowing
... find more detailed information in the chapters below dedicated to the single genus or species. 2 - SUBSTRATE A soil that is prevalently mineral and slightly acidic (ph around 6.5) has the advantage ...
4. The greenhouse
... For example, 10-12°C (50-54°F) for the most delicate succulents; 4-6°C (39-43°F) for the majority of cacti; 0-3°C (32-37°F) for hardier species. Obviously, the heater will be placed ...
5. The diseases
... plants. Moreover, genetic engineering helps to develop virus-resistant species. On the other hand biotech vaccines are of little or no use since plants lack a real immune system. d) Mycoplasmas: these ...
6. acanthocalycium
(Phocagallery / acanthocalycium)
...  Temperature: a minimum of 6-7° (43-45°F) is recommended. Water: average. Cultivation tips: propagate from seed. Main species of Acanthocalycium: Acanthocalycium violaceum, diurnal from ...
7. agavaceae-nolinaceae
(Phocagallery / agavaceae-nolinaceae)
... risk of root rot. Some species may reach considerable proportions so they are best grown in deep containers. Main genera of Agavaceae:  Yucceae tribe: Hesperaloe, Yucca.                           ...
8. aizoaceae
(Phocagallery / aizoaceae)
... about 130 genera including a few thousand species is divided into three subfamilies: Ruschioideae (with about one hundred genera, mostly plants formerly classified as Mesembryanthemaceae), Mesembryanthemoideae ...
9. ancistrocactus
(Phocagallery / ancistrocactus)
... mid-July to mid-August. Cultivation tips: easy to raise from seed; better results are obtained with grafting. High humidity in the wintertime is most harmful. Main species of Ancistrocactus: Ancistrocactus ...
10. apocynaceae
(Phocagallery / apocynaceae)
... with a shrub-like habit is comprised of more than 200 genera and 2000 species; the leaves are simple, sometimes alternate, with parallel venation. During the summer they produce showy, hermaphrodite, radially ...
11. aporocactus
(Phocagallery / aporocactus)
...  Main species of Aporocactus: Aporocactus flagelliformis (similar to flagriformis), grows in the foggy mountain rainforests. Aporocactus  conzattii; Aporocactus  martianus.   ...
12. aporophyllum
(Phocagallery / aporophyllum)
... five inches long, and simply lay them on moist sand. Common pests are mealy bugs and other parasites. They can be treated like Epiphyllum. Main species of Aporophyllum: Aporophyllum cascade; Aporophyllum ...
13. ariocarpus
(Phocagallery / ariocarpus)
... 5 to 8 years for these plants to reach maturity, depending on the species. Apply a slow-release fertilizer with microelements in the spring and summer season. The fruits ripen the following spring. They ...
14. arrojadoa
(Phocagallery / arrojadoa)
... minimum temperature of 10°C (50°F). Water: average. Cultivation tips: propagation is from seed or cuttings. Main species of Arrojadoa: Arrojadoa aureispina; Arrojadoa dinae (max height 30cm/12 ...
15. asclepiadaceae
(Phocagallery / asclepiadaceae)
... and forests of South Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, the Mediterranean, Arabian Peninsula, China, Oceania. Description: the family includes thousands of species grouped under some 240 genera (a quarter of ...
16. asphodelaceae-hyacinthaceae
(Phocagallery / asphodelaceae-hyacinthaceae)
Habitat: South Africa, Madagascar, Malawi, Australia, America, Arabian Peninsula, Socotra. Description: a family of monocotyledonous plants comprising about 500 species, mostly herbaceous perennials, ...
17. asteraceae (compositae)
(Phocagallery / asteraceae)
Habitat: the succulent species occur in South Africa, the Canary Islands, South Arabia, India, Madagascar. Description: the family includes dicotyledonous plants that may store water in the leaves, ...
18. astrophytum
(Phocagallery / astrophytum)
... scales and dots. In some species spination is absent. The yellow flowers are born at the top. Soil: mineral mix. Location: they need plenty of light, especially during the growing season. If you place ...
19. aylostera
(Phocagallery / aylostera)
... winter and spray water occasionally to prevent the roots from dehydrating. Cultivation tips: easy to grow; repot the plants once every two years in spring. They resent the summer heat. Main species ...
20. aztekium
(Phocagallery / aztekium)
... 12 years for non-grafted plants to blossom. Clay pots are ideal containers. Main species of Aztekium: Aztekium hintoni, enjoys the summer heat with low humidity levels, up to 40° C. It is naturally ...
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